Our After Care program

Ongoing debt management

We view the privilege of looking after your finances as a lifelong commitment. That’s why we offer regular mortgage advice and debt management guidance throughout the different stages in your life.
Together, we can help you manage your debt to finances to allow you to retire financially free and enjoy the truly important things in your life.

About our program

Management of your finances is a critical step towards achieving financial freedom. We offer you regular mortgage advice and guidance throughout the different stages in your life.
Our qualified Mortgage Advisors will assist you and guide you throughout the mortgage years. We coach you and teach you how to capitalise on every opportunity to ensure you eliminate personal debt fast, and leverage off your available equity to create wealth faster.
Our After Care program is an exclusive program offered to our valued clients.

How you benefit

Our after care program will provide you the peace of mind that your finances are managed by a qualified mortgage professional.
Nowadays the mortgage market is very dynamic. New lenders and new loan products are introduced regularly. All this results in fierce competition amongst lenders to “hook” the consumer mortgage dollar.

Who do you listen to?

Our valued clients will always be our top priority, which is why our recommendations will always reflect their needs and requirements and will be designed to help them achieve their financial goals faster.

The process

You will receive a copy of our Finance Matters newsletter. Finance Matters is a mini-magazine written with our clients’ interests in mind. Our partners in this area are highly qualified and source articles from leading industry experts to provide you with lots of quality information relating to your finances.

Annual review
We all know that a lot can happen over time: additions to the family, employment changes, or even financial changes that may have you considering whether to use the equity in your home to invest in your future. As a valued member of our After Care program, you will be invited to take up an annual review of your debt portfolio. An annual financial health check is a great way to ensure you have the most cost efficient debt structure available to you.