Refinancing Your Loan

There are a number of reasons to consider refinancing your home loan; maybe you want to access your home equity, to consolidate other debts, to get more flexibility and extra features, or simply to get a better interest rate. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll make the whole process so simple you will wonder why you ever waited.

Refinancing your home loan can bring you substantial benefits. Work out whether it serves your needs. Refinancing lets you change your home or investment loan to suit your changed needs and better opportunities. As home loans have added extra features, more and more people have decided there’s another product or lender alternative that would better suit their needs.

Refinance calculations

When you use our loan repayments calculator by adding in all your current debt you are considering financing and use the average interest rate publicised at the moment, it will demonstrate an example of your new monthly payment. Compare this to your current TOTAL monthly payments, then call our office to confirm your potential savings.

With so many lenders to choose from we can demonstrate the savings for the life of your loan.

How refinance works

You take out a new loan and use some or all of the funds to pay out your existing loan. The new loan often comes from a different lender, but many people refinance with the same lender who they’ve been using for years. It’s quite funny that sometimes, as your finance negotiator, we can actually get you a better rate than if you were dealing directly with the lender yourself.

If you move to a new lender, we coordinate the process of paying out your existing loan.

Why you’d refinance

  • Getting a better deal – if the current home loan is not suitable and there are “better deals” available
  • Home renovations – refinancing your home loan to cover renovating costs
  • Rebuilding – finance to cover the costs of building a new home
  • Consolidating debts – refinancing to incorporate personal loans, car loans and credit card debts into your home loan to take advantage of the lower interest rate, and
  • Changing lenders – if you are not satisfied with your current lender.

Please Contact Us today if you feel that refinancing may be a solution for YOU!