Cameron Donald

January 18, 2017

Hi Marie & Carmen,

I have been trying to call to say thankyou to you both for all of your help through this process – you have both been excellent and I couldn’t have done it without your good advice and good guidance. Please give yourselves a big pat on the back from me.

I would also like to note Marie that we really got the property in the first instance in 2014 thanks to your good strategic advice re how to go about ‘thinking big’ and I will be forever grateful to you both for helping me to achieve the result arrived at yesterday – the property is a very special one and I will have years of enjoyment of it in the years to come – am hoping to send you occasional progress shots (minimum dosage to ensure you don’t get bored of course) as things progress from ‘ramshackle with amazing potential’ status to ‘visions realized’.

I had hoped to have had my act together enough to drop you off a gift but things have been a bit hectic and I have left my run a bit too late – will see to it in my first week back in January.

I hope you both have a great Christmas break – and once again thank you so much!