Rudyard Auman

February 14, 2024

A Perfect Mortgage Broker

I am writing this review to express my utmost gratitude for the exceptional service provided by Renee Black our Mortgage Broker from the excellent team at the Mortgage Achievers.

The best way to expressed our experiences is to give our honest review. The moment we started our initial consultation we feel like a valued customer by Renee who is very welcoming and patient, she accommodated and guided us with our inquiries very smoothly. Every minute Renee was discussing or explaining was very valuable to us because she takes her time to make it clear for us to understand so we won’t miss a thing and her expertise will cater anything that suits your needs.

Our journey with our home loan wasn’t a walk in the park, there we’re a bumpy ride along the way and she never give up on us. Renee’s expertise in her craft, her knowledge, perseverance and commitment has pulled us through the impossible and she won’t run out of options, and for that we are truly grateful for her. Her work ethics and professionalism is second to none which she always updates us with constant communication whether it will be email, text or call she is always available. I am writing this review to express that no matter what’s your financial situation, never give up on your dream home, all you do is to find the right broker and you will be in good hands with Renee.

As we move closer to our building stage we cannot wait to see our dream home will come into life and I’m proud to say that Renee played an important role in this journey. She is a great asset of the company because her customer service has imprinted a lasting impression to their customer that will go a long way.

Lastly if you happen to read this comment and is looking for a Mortgage Broker that is willing to go extra miles then what are you waiting for? give Renee a call or pop an email and I can guarantee you, she will not disappoint you and make your life easier when it comes to finding a stress free home loan. Guarantee she will work her magic wand to get you approved.

Renee Black is truly a gem to the industry. I am forever grateful for all your hard work, commitment and dedication to get my home loan approved.